A tip for the gents on October 30th, 2003 : pm EST
Get your lady on top of you. Get her to turn a vibrator on and rub the spot just behind your balls with it. Then see how long you can hold out.
we're going to fuck! on October 30th, 2003 6:37 pm EST
there will be fucking tonight! there was last night but there needs to be more

just my little perverted post
oh the horror! on October 29th, 2003 6:56 pm EST
i think halloween is getting to j. last night it was "wanna watch the texas chainsaw massacre?" he promptly deleted it off the hard drive right after so we wouldn't have to endure it again, i had warned him. right now he's watching evil dead, which he hasn't seen. i find that weird, i thought bruce campbell was a male institution or something. i love scary movies but have yet to find one that really scares me. ghost or alien related ones seem to get me the most since i think those things may be possible.

we seem to be out of sync lately, he thinks i'm grumpy, i think he's grumpy. who knows who's right or wrong all i know is it doesn't make for hot sex action. i've been really tired lately, time change or work i'm not sure. so far i've slept about 13 hours today so i'm hoping i'm all caught up. either way it's back to work tomorrow.

we'll see what the night brings ;)
wisdom on October 29th, 2003 4:17 pm EST
That article is filled with such wisdom. I went into the bedroom to wake t. She was already awake. I was about to start the pre-show activities when she said "We should go get the laundry". Heh - miscommunication just like it said.

I laughed - sighed to myself - and folded laundry.
ahhh...screw it. on October 29th, 2003 4:06 pm EST
I'm not waiting a half hour. I can't wait that long.
damn funny on October 29th, 2003 3:53 pm EST
This is the damn funniest article I've seen in a long time. The thing about bedtime is so very true...

In other news, t is sleepy and a little grumpy. We ended up getting out of bed around 8:30 (we're usually up at 6:30). I was feeling a little frisky, but t was hungry. I don't dare stand between her and Raison Bran. There hasn't been any action at all today. I know! I'm as shocked as you are. Two horny people alone all day and no sex.

t's napping right now. I'm going to wake her up in a 1/2 hour or so by licking her pussy. We'll see if that changes anything.
*cough cough* on October 28th, 2003 8:05 pm EST
so i'm sick tomorrow, i decided today before i left. should make for an interesting day tomorrow. i plan to get some work i've had lying around for a while done. i'm sure there will also be some extra fun activities as j is also home all day ;)

perhaps it's a 48 hour bug . . .
sex and breadcrumbs on October 27th, 2003 7:16 pm EST
i was just informed there are two things j never pays for. you figure it out. :)

so, the inventory:
blue vibrator
blue butt plug
bottle of blueberry lube
waterproof vibrator
fuzzy handcuffs
red satiny blindfold
20 feet of nylon rope
tin of altoid mints
massage oil

question: where are you supposed to keep all that stuff?! a drawer is so cliche. our box is running over. j's assassin case with fitted foam is still a dream. our bright yellow tool box idea just seems weird for next to the bed. so where do you keep a sex toy collection? this is my poll for the day, please contribute.
teehee on October 27th, 2003 5:08 pm EST
yes so last night was quite enjoyable. the playing and teasing was very fun. therefore by the time i actually got the yummiest thing inside me it was mere seconds before i came. it was very frustrating lying there all filled up but with nothing moving around. i couldn't have gotten out if i tried. the way the handcuffs were the most comfortable prevented me from using the emergency release even if i wanted to. we just tied but my ankles but i think it might be fun to have ankle cuffs anyway :) i suppose i might have to return the favour some day, although i'm much more submissive than dominant. yet that might be why he'd least expect it *giggle*
The finish on October 27th, 2003 7:25 am EST
I got a little impatient last night (...and it was getting pretty late)

I ended up pulling the beads out of her pussy very slowly while she writhed around on the bed. I started fucking her and she came about a minute after that. I came soon after that, pounding into her as hard as I could. We both collapsed in a heap as I untied her.

All in all it was a good time. Something we'll have to do again soon!
plug and beads on October 26th, 2003 9:24 pm EST
I've put the beads in her pussy and I just spent about 5 minutes putting the plug in her ass. She's writhing around on the bed and I just heard her yell for me. I'll be back.
right now... on October 26th, 2003 9:01 pm EST
t is tied up, handcuffed and blindfolded. I'm pretty sure she can't get out.

Time for some fun :)
...whips and chains excite me. on October 26th, 2003 4:50 pm EST
Yup - we got rope.

I think we're going to have some fun with it later tonight. I'm going to tie t up so she can't move. Then I'm going to torment her with my tongue, fingers and toys. She's very impatient with orgasims, so I'm going to make her wait as long as I can.

I'm thinking of teasing her pussy with my tongue. Then I might fuck her, then play with her clit with my vibrator. I might then put the plug in her ass, and tease her clit with my tongue.

I'm not sure how the evening will turn out, but I'm sure it'll be fun.
on October 26th, 2003 4:09 pm EST
unfortunately we didn't make it to the sex store last night :( we were tipped off about a 24 home depot, but that proved fruitless as well. so instead today we made a stop for some nice soft nylon stuff at canadian tire. it was kind of amusing when the guy asked us how much we'd like and we were both thinking in our head "ok it's got to wrap under the bed but around with enough to tie ankles . . ." we went with 20 feet. i think it's perfect, we'll test it later i'm sure.

on a humorous note, this morning j woke up with the usual raging hard on. we had things to do and places to go but that had to wait. after some magical pussy licking j hopped up and slid into me. the blankets were kind of twisted around us, my leg was caught pinned under the corner of the blanket j was on. he started throwing pillows and blankets off the bed and around the room. i asked "what are you doing?!" his entirely serious at the time reply as he's thrusting inside me? "i need room to work" we both burst out laughing. you gotta love it when you can spend a few minutes in a fit of giggles while still 'connected'.
interrupted in mid sent . . on October 25th, 2003 5:10 pm EST
so we get home from some errands and j mentions he's going to have a shower before we go out. he takes off his jeans standing in the living room and i say "yeah ok". suddenly i'm thrown down on the couch and he's kneeling between my legs. my jeans are yanked off and within seconds he's madly licking me. then he's frantically fucking me, then he's back to licking me. dragged to the bed room i'm thrown down once again for more licking. j mentioned we should stop at the sex store tonight. just then the people upstairs started running their vacuum over our heads, it was loud, i joked it sounded like an industrial vibrator. that made him reach into our tickle trunk and pull out the vibe. he was licking and fucking me with the vibrator on high and it was driving me wild. then he put his finger in my ass. i was trying so hard not to cum, it took a lot of concentration. i told him i wanted him in me. he slid in and i reached for the vibe and put it between us so it was rubbing my clit. i came incredibly hard, it was nummie. of course j said he wanted to stop and wait until later to cum. a few clenches and wiggles from me and he was persuaded to continue. he's in the shower now, we're going out with friends tonight, after a stop for rope and ankle cuffs :) the after dinner activities should be fun.
envy me for i am lucky on October 25th, 2003 11:28 am EST
j loves to lick my pussy. the past few days he either warns me he's going to do it later or when we're in bed just talking about the day and such he suddenly asks "can i lick your pussy?" better yet he sometimes just goes down and does it. last night we were talking and he lifted up the blankies a bit and interrupted me with "i can smell your pussy". he's got this zany sense of smell. that's why i played my little game last weekend and let him smell my finger after i had it inside me at the movie theatre. but back to the pussy licking, he's amazing at it. he's fearless about it, just dives in and drives me crazy with so many yummy things i can barely remember my name. he licks, sucks, fingers, rubs, nibbles . . . he loves to do it, i love to receive it's really a good deal all around!

i have to stop talking about this now ;)
play on October 25th, 2003 8:22 am EST
I woke t up this morning by playing with her pussy. She was laying on her belly. I put in the plug and started fucking her from behind. One problem, the plug kept falling out. I guess I used too much lube :)

It took her a while to come and she finally did with the help of the vibe, plug and me. Good things come to those who wait.

I've been thinking of something naughty lately. I've been thinking of fucking t in the ass. It would be so naughty and fun. It's been a while since we've played that way.
clean-up on October 24th, 2003 11:40 pm EST
So, I think we need some one or some people to clean up after we've had our play time. There's all kinds of stuff that needs to be cleaned before we go to sleep and after an extended play session, we're both exhausted.

There's lube all over the place, toys that need cleaning and there's come everywhere.

Anyone know of any service who can take care of that for us?
sweet release on October 24th, 2003 11:34 pm EST
...and hour later.

I started by licking t's pussy and she was almost instantly soaked. I mean *soaked*. I could barely feel the inside of her pussy with my finger, she was so wet. I cirlcled her hard clit with my tongue and teased it. I then started fucking her with my finger, rubbing her g-spot while sucking and rubbing her clit with my tongue. Eating her pussy gets me so horny.

I started fucking her and I actually finished before she did. It actually took a little work to get her off. It's been a few days and everything since the last time we played. I grabbed the vibe and pushed it far into her and turned it on high. I then started licking and sucking her clit. That didn't do the trick. I finally put my finger in her ass and she came about a minute later. It took her a minute or two to recover then said "Can we do that every night?"

the grump on October 24th, 2003 9:56 pm EST
j's all grumpy, he's been all touchy the last few days. i've been like that too. i'm sure the weekend, getting to sleep in, and of course the extra hour we score will help. he's all stressed about work and since he stays home mon-wed he's a little stir crazy too. i'm guessing a bit session of nasty crazy sex will help. i told him to go hit golf ball, play paintball or whack but on second thought i think the sex will be much more fun for both of us. i also got paid today and i'm trying to resist the urge to go back to the sex store. there were these ankle cuffs that intrigued me a whole lot . . . plus j has been mentioning how he lacks toys. i think we'll have our fun tonight first and see, we might be just fine without any extra equipment for now :)

thanks for reading everyone, friday night seems to be our biggest night! i'd better go make it worth your while
good ole naresh on October 23rd, 2003 5:31 pm EST
so months ago we made an over night journey to apartment hunt. we rented a hotel room for the night. we ordered room service (well if you can call it that at a travelodge) and ate dinner in bed. we had been talking about shaving my pussy for a while but hadn't done anything about it yet (women will understand my initial reluctance). i don't know what it was but spontaneously we decided to do it right then. we had razors, we had shaving cream but we were scissorless. since we hadn't planned on it we weren't really prepared. so i joked about borrowing them from the front desk, laughed and basically was still laughing as j walked out the door. he came back with a pair of scissors all right, after telling the front desk person he had to "wrap a birthday gift for my niece". the most amusing part was the white label printed across the handle that said 'Naresh'. if only he knew what naughty deeds we did with his scissors. i don't know how j pulled the borrowing and returning off with a straight face but he did. we enjoyed the end product and silently thanked naresh for months to follow.

naresh of the travelodge if you're reading this i'm sorry we deceived you.
the awful truth on October 21st, 2003 8:30 pm EST
ok i have to be fast since j's next to me typing frantically at his computer blogging about what evilness he's gong to unleash on me tonight. how geeky are we? anyhow i have to hurry because i want to be surprised :)

what we write is the truth, believe it or not. when i first started reading sex blogs how on earth those people could have such amazing and cool sex as often as they did. once j and i moved in together after living in different cities i realised we have a lot of good sex too. luckily the amazing sex goes hand in hand with a wonderful relationship. we click more than i have with anyone else, and i see no reason to leave. ok i'm going to get into bed and encourage him to join me.
Sleepy, but still horny on October 21st, 2003 8:24 pm EST
We're both feeling a little tired tonight. I've been cooped up all week at home and I've got a bit of pent up aggression that needs to be let loose.

I think tonight I'm going to haul out the toys for some fun. It's been a day or two since we've used them (not since the bead incident of Sunday) and I think they're getting a little lonely. I think the plug and the vibe are going to see some action tonight. Maybe the plug in her ass...me in her pussy and the vibe on her clit. That's always a fun combination. The bonus is that I can feel the vibrations while I'm fucking her.

That reminds me - we were playing around with the vibe and she told me to put something in her ass. I started by putting the vibe in her pussy and turning it up pretty high. I lubed up my cock and started pushing it into her ass. The vibrations were just too much and I came almost instantly. It was all very yummy. t had to settle for the vibrator, my tongue and the plug. I don't think she minded.
still spoiled on October 18th, 2003 5:31 pm EST
so last night we were reading in bed and well that got a little boring and with the turning out of the lights more interesting things started to happen. i was rubbing j's cock and it was getting happier and happier. i was playing with his balls every so gently. it's so nice to feel it getting harder and harder in my hand, and feel the soft skin against my skin. it was begging to be sucked. i love the feel of that hot soft skin on my lips and tongue more than on my hand!

so i did that for a while, then i climbed up and straddled him and had my way with him for a bit. i could tell he was really close to cumming and he said "suck me", so back down i went. i sucked him while rubbing his balls with my hand, he came almost instantly. i kissed his cock as it got soft and kissed him all the way up to his lips to lay there and enjoy the moment with him. "want me to lick your pussy?" he asked. well duh! so the favour was returned, very well i might add. i came so hard, my nipples were rock hard, it felt like he was licking me forever. i apologized for taking so long to cum, "it was only 5 minutes" he said. i looked at the clock, he was right, but it felt so good i lost track of time :)
i'm spoiled on October 18th, 2003 5:35 pm EST
i just got a nice foot rub . . . mmmmm i've also had a dinner ready here for me when i got home. i mentioned i had sore shoulders, j promises to rub them later for me. the last time i asked for one i promised him a back rub but somehow it ended up turning into a blow job. we have just discussed that and agreed that i will accept back rubs and he will accept blow jobs in return. it's a yummy arrangement i think!

while our last night may have been 'standard' as j put it, it was really nice. i was burning for j inside me by the time he got there, he'd been liking me for so long. i came really hard and it was intense, i could barely stand any more but i knew j was really close. i dug my nails into his ass and back while he thrusted and tried to take it all. when i felt him shudder i slid up the bed to get him out of me. i couldn't even close my legs all my bits were so tingly. it was great.

i love my little sweetie, he's a good catch :)
on October 20th, 2003 : pm EST

Toys and a late night on October 20th, 2003 8:39 am EST
We had a bit of a late night yesterday. Nothing much in the way of kinkage, just some 'standard' sex action. I licked t for a long time, teasing her clit and then fucked her. Nothing special in terms of technique, but there was some sort of energy going on behind the scenes. We had a bit of a mushy talk before hand. I was also rubbing her pussy a lot. I just rubbed her lips around her clit. That always get t going. I think we were still horny from our little experiment from earlier in the day.

We talked about other things we could experiment with. Stuff like sub/DOM stuff (she's too giggly to be the DOM). Neither of us are that familiar with sub/DOM stuff, so any suggestions are welcome.

Does anyone have any suggestions for toys for me? I'm kinda jealous that t gets all these toys to play with. I want some! The only toys that I really see are anal prostate toys, cock rings and chastity toys. I'm not sure that any of those are for me. Does anyone have any stories about those? I love having t press on the skin just below my balls as I come (It feels even better with her mouth on my cock) is there a toy that puts pressure on that spot automatically? I've heard a scrunchie will do the trick, but the ones I've tried haven't given me enough pressure there.
secretly naughty on October 19th, 2003 7:36 pm EST
so we went to see the event today which is kind of a depressing sort of movie and there i was with naughty balls in my pussy. we were alone in the theatre and i was regretting that i put them in myself and thought i should have let j do it right there. then a guy walked in, j muttered "fuck" and we were no longer alone :( we've seen 5 movies in the last 9 days, you figure once we would have been lucky enough to have the place to ourselves.

we went out to eat and i had them in there still, they moved when i giggled and j was reaching over to tickle and wiggle me as well. nifty little toys they are.
The store part II on October 19th, 2003 6:55 pm EST
We went back to the store today before heading to the movies. The same woman was working there from last night. She must think we're oversexed. She's right.

We bought some vibrating beads and I told t that the first chance she got she had to put them in. We got to the movies and she went off to the bathroom while I bought some popcorn. She was gone a good five minutes and she came back giggling. This was the first time we played with anything like that. She wore them all afternoon. She told me to put my hand on her belly, then she shook her hips back and forth. I could feel the beads vibrating.

Everytime she went to the bathroom after that she was gone a long time and would come back giggling. We stopped at the gym and she went to the bathroom giggling (yet again). She told me she had a present for me and when we got out of sight, she gave me her finger to smell - it smelled like pussy.

We just got home and I dragged her to the bedroom where we tore our clothes off. I pulled the beads out and she was soaking wet. We fucked and she quickly came. I didn't even have the chance to use the plug that I had at the ready. It didn't take long for me to come after that.

The funny part of all of that was the beads were on the bed while we were fucking and as I thrust, the beads would rattle. We were a little too caught up in the moment to care too much.

We're had a pretty sexual weekend and I intend on keeping that trend going tonight. I will be jumping t in a few hours. We need a little time to recover from our adventure today.
Last night on October 18th, 2003 9:55 am EST
Thinkin' 'bout last night.

Actually, it was a little more than just last night.

I woke up stupidly early on Saturday morning - It could have been because I was very horny - I'm still not clear on that. I woke t up by rubbing against her from behind while rubbing her body up and down. I rubbed her clit for a few minutes while she woke up and readied herself for a proper fucking. I got on top of her and started fucking her, but she had to pee so she ran off to do that. By the time she got back, I had the lube and plug ready for her. She got on top of me and rode me for a few minutes. I put the plug in her ass and she moaned. It didn't take her long after that to come.

In the evening we went to the sex store for no reason at all. I'm still not sure why I didn't get those balls, maybe a little of it was to tease t with it. I think most of the reason was I was fascinated with the Rabbit Vibrator and I forgot. That thing looks kinda creepy.

There were a couple more times we fucked yesterday. Those deserve special seperate blogs, and I'm in a bit of a hurry and I don't want to skip any details, so they'll have to wait. Right now, we're going to a movie. Fortunatly, the sex store is on the way and we're going to stop there and I'm going to buy those balls for her. I'm going to make her wear them when we go to the movie. She doesn't know this yet, unless of course she reads this blog before we leave. I'm feeling very naughty this weekend and I think it's showed.
naughty on October 18th, 2003 10:30 pm EST
so we were coming back from a movie when i suggested stopping by the sex shop. i didn't know what for i just felt like going, j wasn't arguing.

we bought handcuffs and a blindfold. j joked about buying me balls and making me put them inside me while we went out for dinner to see how wet i would get. i giggled. we didn't buy them. i can't stop thinking about them and wish we had :( even if i didn't have to wear them tonight the suspense of knowing he bought them and might tell me to use them at any time would be exciting. he improvised instead, i was ordered to go to the washroom at the restaurant and throw out my panties (they were boring ones). i did as i was told. now we've had a shower and i hear there's a plan for our new toys. i think i'm in trouble. i guess it's fitting i had pigtales in my hair today, apparently i'm going to be a naughty girl :)
the blogging phenomenon on October 18th, 2003 12:55 pm EST
i do this create procrastination thing. i've got loads of work to do. which i've organized into nice neat little 'to do' piles. i haven't to-done anything but boy is it organized! it's weird without j around, i was excited he was going out at first but now i'm kinda wandering, i've got stuff to do but i like having him around while i putter. so yeah pathetically i miss his presence. since i moved in we've rarely been apart unless one of us is at work. strangely we like it that way and haven't gotten on each others nerves yet.

so having this blog is weird. i'm not really sure what made us start it and what purpose it serves other than being kinda fun. it's also sort of weird. yesterday we had over 200 visitors. the other day i said to j "isn't it a bit weird about 200 people know we had sex last night?" and it is. it's also weird to have sex and then want to write about it, going over what you'll say in your head. it's also nice to throw out random thoughts (the ex question, the toy question) and get some comments. i suppose blogs are just some sort of natural evolution of the internet . . chatting . . online friends kinda thing. reading them is relatively new to me let alone having one. but it is exciting, i like to watch how many people pop on here, how long they stay, where they're coming from and of course comments are always neat too. it's weird to be afriad to get caught but at the same time write about yourself. i can't write at work, i'm sure i'd lose my job. i'm afraid to say what my job is as though someone i know is going to suddenly have a revelation and scream "oh my god you're t from naughty secrets!!!" in the staff room. strangely where i work no one would probably admit that in public. ok now that it sounds like i work in a convent or something hehe

hrm, i'm doing pretty good at this work avoidance. i should get *something* done.

so does it creep anyone else out that ricardo montalban is doing dunkin donuts commercials?! i just saw one on tlc, weird.
subtle suggestions on October 18th, 2003 10:44 pm EST
ask and you shall receive apparently.
i woke up to hands roaming over my body. j was running his hands all over me and i started to wake up. i could feel his hard cock against my back. i was still all sleepy and comfy but i slid my legs apart so he could rub other things. i didn't open my eyes but laid there enjoying what he was doing. i got wetter and wetter. i asked him what he thought he was doing at 6:30 on a saturday morning, he told me he had a raging hard on he had to do something with and he was going to fuck me. i'm so easy :) he wasn't tired after and was excited about his plans for the day so he got up. i decided to lay there and enjoy the sleepy happy post sex feeling. i was lazy! he's gone to play paintball to shoot things and take out his frustrations about this past week. maybe later i can help him relax in a more gentle way.
i'm such a good little girlfriend on October 17th, 2003 10:11 pm EST
so last night j was still grumpy :(
much to my dismay. he just seemed annoyed at my usual goofiness and attempts at being cute.
i made him a nummie dinner.
he was still grumpy.
we cuddled a whole bunch.
he was still grumpy.
we had spontaneous wild crazy sex.
he was still grumpy.
he went to watch hockey while i read.
he came back grumpy.
we had round two of wild sex (even more unexpected since it was only an hour earlier for the last time).
we fell asleep all happy and snuggily.
he seems fine today. :)

we're going in the shower now.
i don't think he'll be grumpy in the near future ;)
yup! on October 16th, 2003 10:40 pm EST
...and once more for good measure. I'm good as new!
ahhhh on October 16th, 2003 9:12 pm EST
So, apparently all I needed was a good fuck. t; the girl who always knows how to make me feel better.
mmmmmmmm on October 16th, 2003 5:03 pm EST
something i miss:

in the past in the middle of the night i would wake up to j spooning me, which is nice enough on it's own, but sometimes he be running his hands over me or pushing himself against me. usually he'd reach between my legs and start rubbing my clit or other naughty things to get me wet. barely awake we would start feeling for each other sleepily, kissing and touching whatever was nearest. it was such yummy middle of the night sleepy sex, where no words are really spoken it's just being woken up in nice ways, having slow and mushie sex and falling back asleep so easily because we never really lost that comfy 'i'm in bed' feeling you have in the morning when you wake up.

since i started working after the summer i don't think this has happened. in the summer when i didn't have to wake up in the morning i didn't care if i was woken up for a bit of loving in the middle or the night. plus i was more likely to wake up myself as i wasn't so tired or stressed. now i'm pretty sleepy when i go to bed and just zonk out until the alarm rings.

there's also been no sleepy before work sex in the morning . . . gee i think i have some changes to make :)
Blah and vibrators on October 16th, 2003 3:08 pm EST
I haven't been much in the mood lately for blogging. I've got a case of the severe blahs lately. I've felt a little aimless lately and I think it's caught up with me. Since I quit my job, I've been working part time and freelancing and it's become a little tedious at times. I'm stressed out about my part-time work - I had a stressful meeting this week and I had an interview for a nice cushy full time job that I'd really like. I've also felt very spread out lately, like I've been helping too many people and I need to take some time for myself. I'll snap out of the blahs soon enough - I just need a pick-me-up. There's some (non-sexual) fun planned for this weekend that will definetly help.
That's not very sexy.

t's surprise blow job the other night was quite delicious. It was nice to be the focus of attention. Part-way through, I tried to grab t and I asked her to fuck me, but she roughly threw me down and said "NO!" and kept sucking me. I came pretty hard, but at least there were no injuries this time.

Injuries? (Chasing Amy? - halfway down the page)

I had finished before t (for a change) and I wanted to help her out (I'm good like that), so I grabbed her vibe and got to it. I started by licking her clit and sliding the vibe inside her. I turned it on and she instantly started moaning. I turned it up higher and licked and sucked her clit faster and harder. She came about 30 seconds later bucking and twisting her hips. Her hand pushed against my jaw akwardly and pushed me away. I felt something in my jaw pop and I felt a whole lotta pain in my mouth. It felt like my jaw had popped out of the socket for a second and it hurt like hell.

That was three days ago and it still hurts sometimes when I eat something hard. If we were in the middle of sex, I'd like to think that it wouldn't have slowed me down too much.
a strangely constantly popping up question on October 15th, 2003 9:01 pm EST
so j posted a question that was plaguing his mind now i will,

is it ok to talk to an ex when in another relationship? do people do it or is it just weird? does it matter how/when you broke up? is it different if it's just emailing, chatting, calling, or writing versus meeting in person? should you abandon exes you've talked to in the past if you start a new relationship? does it all depend on the situation?

not as raunchy as sex toys but still relevant i think :)

on another non sexual note, i'm rethinking my lazy typing habits, spell check is taking for-EVER
silly boy on October 14th, 2003 8:37 pm EST
well i've noted to j that the last bunch of blogs are by me and he should contribute something, perhaps the nagging factor is preventing that. i spontaneously started sucking on his cock last night in bed. he was pretty surprised, he made a comment about how he was getting hard from our kisses and asked what he was supposed to do with it so i decided to help. it was quiet yummy. i love how hard he gets yet how soft the skin is against my lips and on my tongue.

i was looking forward to reading his account. perhaps i have to motivate him some more . . .
regrets . . . on October 14th, 2003 8:31 pm EST
during the blackout in august our landlords were away. so we were here with the house to ourselves, they live upstairs. i was home playing around on the computer when everything suddenly went out. i shrugged and went to get my book to read until j got home. he wandered in a bit early and i was surprised. i told him the power was mysteriously out, he laughed and told me we weren't the only ones. we went out and went for a walk and saw people acting like morons trying to get gas, ravaging the grocery stores, pissed off the beer store was closed . . . and other such silly stuff. we came home, bbq'd dinner, sat in the car and listened to the radio on to find out what was going on in the world and read in the backyard until the mosquitoes were eating us alive.

when we came in finally it was pretty dark in the basement. we lit candles and laid in bed reading. i said it would probably have been neat to go outside and see all the stars since the entire province practically was without lights and it would have been really kick ass star viewing. we joked that we could have sex in the backyard, no one upstairs, who would see and who would bother to report it if they did with the situation as it was. since then people tell me their neat stories about how you could see stars like crazy that night, i regret not going out to see them. and i still have not had sex outside on a warm summer night, let alone under the stars with everything quiet and dark as far as the eye can see. i wish i'd dragged him out.
gobble gobble on October 14th, 2003 8:16 pm EST
so yeah i am so full of turkey i can barely move, i feel enormous.

we went for a bit of a walk to try and help with our full tummies but i don't know how much it helped.

i feel distinctly unsexy right now. however sex would help burn off the food i ate, and j just walked by and gave me an inviting kiss. he's starting the shower. perhaps i can be swayed after all.

hope everyone here had a great thanksgiving and i hope all the americans enjoyed their day at work :P

(don't worry you can mock me in november) :)
lastnight on October 13th, 2003 11:53 pm EST
we had fun last night too. i'm addicted to drawn out pussy lickings now. we had another one of those. we had candles in the bedroom and we were talking and taking our time while fooling around. j was between my legs licking me and talking to me at the same time. he was trying to get me to say naughty things but i was too shy (yes, even with him between my spread out legs licking me!). "what was in you at the cottage?" *giggle* "you were". "and what else?" *giggle* "the toy". "where was the toy?" *giggle* *blush* *hide behind nearest pillow*.

that went on for a while, i believe i left the question unanswered in the end. he asked for the box of toys (our tickle trunk if you will hehe) and put the plug in my ass. it felt sooo good with him still playing with me. he started to get up to slid into me and i warned him i didn't think i was going to last very long, i was so close to cumming. he did it anyway. i think it was about 20 second, just a few thrusts and i was diggin my nails into his back (more marks?). it was nice. he kept going and i nearly overloaded. i wanted to make him feel good and it was so hard to keep going.i warned him "if you're going to cum you'd better just fuck me now". my little sweetie's such a good listener :)
little miss bossy on October 13th, 2003 11:44 am EST
yeah our pre-hockey sex was fun. then the post hockey sex was even more fun.

he licked me for what seemed like forever, i'm not sure it was only 10 minutes :) it was driving me crazy. i had to have him in me. he did leave out some details though. after i climbed onto him, had my way with him and had a mind blowing, shuddering, and gushing orgasm, i decided to focus on him. i asked him what he wanted but he just smiled. i slid down and started sucking on him, licking off all the wetness i had put there and playing on him with my tongue. i started rubbing him while sucking and he was moaning and moving around a lot. he's usually pretty quiet during sex, he rarely makes noise, but he was starting to and i wanted to hear more. i believe he asked me to be naughty with him so i licked my finger and slid it into his ass while frantically jerking him with my hand and sucking the end of his cock in between pumps. he came pretty fast and hard. i was proud. i love making him feel so good, tasting him in my mouth, knowing i caused him to be lying there shuddering and speechless . . . my blogging can make you horny.

i was just interrupted, apparently i left some marks from the last few days. i've never had this problem before but i tend to nibble j, and/or bite, during sex. i can't help it, my brain isn't functioning properly. i get carried away, i start to scream and make noise, i guess i attempt to muffle myself by nibbling him. marks from sex are cool for a guy to have aren't they? ;)

i was bossy yesterday too, after the wonderful pussy licking i got saturday i couldn't stop thinking about it. when he slid into me yesterday all i could think about was how good that felt. so i asked him to stop fucking me and lick me for a while. when i couldn't take that anymore i asked him to get back inside me. Indecisive aren't i? :) it was very nice. i believe he used the word 'intense' when we were finished. emotionally charged sex can be like that. he told me it's hard to have soft and mushie sex with me because i get horny and then it gets all wild and crazy. hrm, maybe i need practice.
Make up sex on October 12th, 2003 9:50 pm EST
We had a bit of an argument this afternoon. That's not the part of the story that's interesting. The best part was the makeup afterwards.

I was sitting facing t between her legs. I leaned in to kiss her and tell her that I love her and she interrupts me and says "You're making my pussy tingle." I could feel my cock shifting in my pants, so I leaned in and kissed her. I led her into the bedroom and we laid down on the bed. She started taking her clothes off and I assumed that our argument was over and it was make up time. I got naked and got between her legs. She said something in protest about just wanting to cuddle. We both laughed.

I slowly fucked her, grinding my hips against hers. She was soaked yet again. I don't know how she does it. I touch her and her pussy is soaked by the time I get to it. I can tease her for about 30 seconds and she'll be soaked.

We were just recounting last night's fun and she mentioned her orgasm from last night's session. I asked "Which one?". Apparnently she had forgotten about the first time (it was just before the hockey game. Sex and hockey - can it get any better? - well - there was beer and nachos during the hockey game, so I guess the answer is yes.) For our second time, I only used my tongue to tease her hard clit. I teased her for about 10 minutes till she demanded I get on top of her and fuck her. I had to do it. I had no choice!

There were some promises made about topping last night's adventure - so I'm off to get out the toys and get topping (or something).
my comments on October 12th, 2003 10:42 am EST
gee i wasn't even aware j wrote all that naughtiness last night. guess that explains me getting jumped last night. we had fun, there were no toys involved, apparently we didn't need any added fun or help. i'll let him tell the story.

i wanted to write about the ass thing. we got a comment referring to ass stuff (october 8) saying it wasn't her thing. i have a story concerning that. i *never* would have thought i'd start doing some of the things we've done with my ass. i was always squirmy at the mere thought of anything in there. "it's an out not an in". then i met j, as i've said before i just feel safe and comfortable and ready to try things. one day while i was home bored by myself i decided to play a bit. i had a naive little 'my first vibrator' kinda toy and i decided to see what might happen if i put it in my ass. i slid it in and started rubbing my clit. i came really hard and fast by just rubbing myself and having the vibe in my ass. i shared my story with j and he was shocked i was so adventurous on my own. then one day j put his finger in my ass while he was doing naughty things to me and i came right away and with a huge orgasm. we had discovered a new trick and i was addicted. :) then we moved onto getting the plug. not only does it feel tighter for j, as he mentioned, but there's friction on a place inside that just drives me wild. with his cock in my pussy and the plug in my ass i can hardly function. i'm pretty pathetic in the 'holding out' department. it's always fast and hard orgasms with me, often more than one. i believe men find that to be an asset, i think that's what j means when he tells me i'm 'fun'.

i'll save my other story about this for later. :)
A cottage story on October 11th, 2003 9:01 pm EST
t wasn't feeling well last weekend at the cottage, but we still managed to come away with a story :)

We woke up Saturday morning pretty early. We had gone to bed early, we were both exhausted from the trip and work. I got up with the sun and watched it rise over the lake. I got some nice pictures of the island across the river and the mist hanging over the lake. Very nice. We had a nice breakfast together and we relxed for a bit.

t was looking especially cute that day, despite her cold and I had to hold myself back a few times. I told myself that she was sick and needed her rest and I could wait a few days for her to get better. That didn't last long.

I kissed her and rubbed her up and down. Then I decided that I couldn't wait any longer and I took her into the bedroom. I pulled off her PJs and started licking her pussy. That seemed to get her into the mood so I kept licking and exploring her pussy with my fingers. I started fucking her slowly and she was really excited at that point. I could feel that she was soaking wet. We had brought our toys with us (doesn't everyone bring toys on their vacations?), so I suggested that we get them out and try them. t agreed and I got out a plug and her vibe. I lubbed up the plug and put it in her ass. Her pussy feels so much tighter when the plug is in there. I can feel it as I fuck her. I asked her if she wanted the vibe in her instead of the plug. She giggled and nodded.

I took the plug out and put the vibe in her pussy. I turned it up as high as it would go and she moaned and grabbed it and pushed it in as far as it would go. I rubbed myself with lube and pushed against her ass. t looked at me with big eyes and giggled. "That's naughty", she said, so I pushed a little more. A minute later I was in her ass fucking her slowly. It took her about a minute after that to have a huge orgasm. I felt it on my cock. I was so close to coming. I could feel the toy that was in her pussy against my cock vibrating like crazy. I told her not to turn off the vibrator. I came a few seconds later and we collapsed in a heap.

It was naughty and fun!

Writing this has gotten my all worked up. I'm going to have to fuck t. Hopefully there will be some toys involved.
a better back on October 11th, 2003 10:05 pm EST
we went to see kill bill last night, it was pretty cool. i liked it. i'm usually divided on tntino movies and this one had a good story, neat sequences, and cool fight scenes. there was some over the top gore and violence but you know that going into one of his movies.

today we went to see lost in translation, it was a good movie too. one of those ones that has j thinking and talking for the rest of the day and probably into the next few days. the unfortunate part of our trip to the movies today was that we were in the theatre all alone and i was starting to get excited we might have a chance to do some naughtiness and add more to my list of firsts, but in walked this older guy, by himself! up he goes to the top row and plunks down. i was sad. i mentioned the potential for at least a blow job but the movie turned out to be good :) i know you can do things in the movies with other people there but i doubt i'd be good at it, i can get pretty loud. plus i had jeans on and the old guy . . .

however, when we got home i changed into my jammies to be comfy and i laid down on the bed to rest my back. j came in and jumped in between my legs and we were talking about the movie and such. then we started talking about what we could/would have done had we been alone. he reached back and pulled my pants off and slid right into me. we fucked nice and slowly while talking about what we would have done. we got up to take our tops off and he laid down. i sucked on him just a little then moved up and straddled him. i was a little greedy and came pretty fast. instead of taking a little rest i kept going and moved into a really big orgasm. then i laid on him shuddering. when i started moving again he told me he wanted to stop and wait until later to cum. he tortures himself like that sometimes. i played a bit, moving fast, then slow, unsure whether or not to listen to him. he started to talk about the nasty things he wants to do later. i threatened to suck him right then. he seemed to want to wait so i slid off him and we laid together for a bit. he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. i pulled it away with a smile. he got up between my legs and slid into me. apparently my pussy just feels too good.
mushie and goofy on October 11th, 2003 10:16 am EST
so i think since i've moved in j and i have showered more together than apart. even during the week we manage to find the time to shower together, it's kinda nice. i've never showered so much with someone. it's nice chat time and there's always the fact that your all wet and naked should you decide to do something other than chatting. we don't have a bathtub so that's unfortunate, and our shower is smaller than usual, but that just adds to the fun.

now for the goofy. when we're in there sometimes j does this crazy thing. he stands with his feet in the same place and starts swinging his hips back and forth. this causes his penis to lift up and swing back and forth, and then he moves near me and whacks me repeatedly with it! do all men do such goofy things with their penises? he thinks it's hilarious. werido. :)

my ouchie on October 11th, 2003 9:39 am EST
so yeah ,i hurt my back in a game of tug o' war *sigh*.
so i'm sore now, so we're gong to have to be inventive and gentle this weekend when we have fun.
which might be good really. plus, since it's the long weekend and all we should be really good at it by monday :)

my presence is required in the shower . . . .
Toys and stuff on October 10th, 2003 11:14 pm EST
Vicky at Her Desires goes into the toy ettiquite debate a little more.
She says:

The exceptions to this rule are a) anything inserted in a partner should ALWAYS be replaced, in my opinion, or b) blindfolds. The latter because I played with a man once who had a lovely leather blindfold but the inside part was made of white foam to protect the eyes. We were in scene, and he brought the blindfold up to my eyes, and I could see that despite his obvious scrubbing, the white foam still had mascara on it from a previous play partner. I couldn't help it. I recoiled.
On the "anything inserted should be thrown away" topic, do you think toys that only were used on one person and are only intended to be used on one person should be carried from relationship to another? Vicky's story is exactly what I had in mind when I posted this.
What if a girl had a vibrator from another relationship and it had been only used on her? Is it alright to keep using that (on her) in different relationships? I think I'm more talking about serious relationships. A one night stand where a girl pulls out a sex toy kit would rock most guy's worlds.
I'm picturing that now. A sex toy kit is a 007 metal briefcase that gets pulled out from under the bed. Inside is fitted padding for each of the toys. Vibrators, whips and plugs...mmm...delicious.
An email from t on October 9th, 2003 8:49 pm EST
Subject: my XXX blog
if you're at home well enjoy
if you're at work already squirm
the short version is you made me be a naughty girl last night and i played
for the xxx version scroll down
so i was fingering my self while we were talking, just playing and getting wet
cuz i figured i'd play more when we hung up. but when we hung up i just
couldn't seem to keep it wet enough
so i was experimenting with my little vibrating friend, using it on my clit,
while fingering myself, trying to recreate you i guess, it wasn't making me cum
but i was sure getting frustrated. so i flipped over onto my tummy and held the
vibrator straight up and fucked it like it was you, that was fun but still
wasn't doing it for me, so then i pushed it into me from behind for a bit while
i was laying there, just to get wet, then i took it out and just kept rubbing in
on me, at this point it was about 11:45 i wasn't alone in the house anymore, so
i had to muffle myself into my pillow when i came
moral of the story is having you there is much much better

have a good morning at work! see you later

- oh what a naughty naughty girl
on October 9th, 2003 7:15 pm EST
so yeah, turns out it's really hard to keep reading your book when someone slides under the sheets at the end of the bed and starts licking you pussy. who knew? :)
A Question... on October 8, 2003 9:16 pm EST
When you buy sex toys in a relationship and then break up, who gets the toys?

Obviously the woman. Should she keep the toys? Should she bring them to the next relationship? Do toys have baggage?

Serious questions that need answers.
The orgasm that almost wasn't on October 8th, 2003 9:04 pm EST
So, last night was fun (heck - the night before was fun too). We had some crazy headboard bagin', neighbour wakin', toy usin', athletic sex. She was soaking wet the whole time. I don't know how she does it.

I finished and I thought we had come at the same time. t had been moaning the whole time and had gotten really loud when I came. Her body shook and she had collapsed. We cuddled for a few minutes and I got up to wash up before bed when I noticed she was still writhing around in the bed. Her hand was between her legs and she had her toy in her ass and she was moving it around. I was shocked - I had actually beat her to an orgasm and I was ready to walk away. A gentleman never leaves his work unfinished, so I dove back in. I had one toy vibrating on her clit, her toy was still in her ass and I was in her pussy. It didn't take her long to come and soon after that I came again.

She's in bed reading and writing this has left me horny. I'm going to sneak into bed and start licking her pussy. I'll see how long it takes to distract her.
news and more news on October 8th, 2003 5:03 pm EST
i was reminded of another item i left off my list of first, but it comes with a bit of a story. one friday i left work early and drove the hour plus to get to j's. i beat him to his place as he was still at work. i put on my naughty black lingerie and got out the digital camera. i'm a little clumsy so it took a few tries but i managed to take a few enticing pictures of myself. i was in the midst of getting them off the camera and attempting to email them to him at work when i heard the front door. basically him finding me lying in his bed in sexy clothes had the same effect i was hoping the email would have had.

in other news, last night we had yummy lovin'. it started as mushy kisses and touches, we had been cuddling and watching tv earlier and j was in a snuggily mood. somehow though it turned into naughty, toy involved, sweaty, loud screaming and moaning sex. who knew?!
porn! on October 7th, 2003 9:39 pm EST
She forgot one thing on her list! She watched porn on her own and even whacked to it. Naughty.
Mushy blog on October 7th, 2003 9:08 pm EST
When t and I met we were living in different cities about an hour and a half from each other. We'd visit each other and hang out all weekend. I had been working all kinds of crazy hours up to when we met, but after that I was actually excited about my weekends. I wasn't spending hours and hours there Saturday and Sunday. She'd stay later and later on Sundays. It got so that I didn't want the Simpsons (heh - sad) to come on Sunday night because that meant she had to leave soon. We were watching TV a few Sundays ago and I felt sad because I thought she had to leave soon. She's living with me now and it's been great - there's no 5 day wait between visits.

After we met we spent hours and hours talking on IM and on the phone. She'd call me at work and we'd talk for an hour or more. I even got a 'talking to' from my boss. He told me I seemed distracted and wasn't performing as well as I had been. I recently quit that job. It had been getting suckier lately and they were overly demanding on my time. I realized that I had missed the entire summer (minus the blackout days) and that wasn't how I wanted to live my life. I didn't want to go on that way now especially with t around - I don't want to miss any of her - it sounds cheesy, but it's true!

t wrote that we were very comfortable together and she's right. I've never felt so comfortable with anyone let alone how quickly I felt that way.

I've never felt this mushy about anyone before. I love the way that I get excited when she comes home. I love that she kisses me when she thinks I'm sleeping.

Yeah - mushy :)
wheeeeeeee on October 7th, 2003 6:14 pm EST
k i'm not the techie so i'm doing this my way.

should we ever grow to have a mass following who can not live without contact with us i have set up a system.

[email protected]

ok go!
list of firsts on October 7th, 2003 6:02 pm EST
here's things that i have done in the time i have been with j that i had not done before
(some i even vowed never to do). as mentioned before i was once innocent.
i have been corrupted.
- read sex blogs and sex related sites on the internet
- been to a sex/porn shop
- made a purchase at such a shop
- played with myself on a regular basis
- used my a toy while exploring myself
- whacked and told him about it
- we have explored and played with my ass,
- had sex in a storage locker
- had sex in 3 cities in a 24 hour period
- gone through my first bottle of lube

and of course started my own a sex blog :)
we have good nookie on October 6th, 2003 10:31 pm EST
of this i have been informed

so i dragged j away from his computer and lured him into the bedroom. strangely it was he who earlier said he was 'so going to jump me tonight' and yet there i was being a bad girl. i straddled him and gave him some of those yummy kisses he's so fond of. then i sucked him for a bit, licked his balls a little. then i went back to sitting on him kissing his neck, nibbling his ear and such, he was hard and slid right into me pretty easily. i seem to be perpetually wet around him. we spent some time like that, me on top, riding fast and slow, nummie kisses all the while. i had naughty plans for what i wanted to do to him but he has this peskie habit of insisting i come first *sigh* poor me. so to hurry that up so i could get to pleasing him i reached for our little toy box. i'm too shy to ask for such naughty things so i just get the box and let him choose the toy. he picked something that makes me cum fast and hard and we pushed it into my ass while i rode him.

he was soaked after that, i took my moment to regroup and slid down his body and took his cock in my mouth. it was so hot and wet from being inside me. i licked and played. i fondled and sucked. i pushed my finger into his ass and swallowed as he came into my mouth. then the snuggles, a break for blogging, now back to snuggles.
awwwwwww on October 6th , 2003 8:13 pm EST
j's packing me a lunch for work tomorrow and i didn't even ask!
he's even asking me how i want my radishes cut for my salad.
i love him.
i'm going to go fuck him now.
Naked and other goodness on October 6th, 2003 8:09 pm EST
I found this site this morning: http://www.bodyfreedom.org/. It sounds great to me. I'm a bit of a nudist and exhibitionist. I'm slowly converting t as well. We usually have a dedicated naked time every day and often lie around the apartment naked. Of course that usually leads to other things, but I blame that on her kisses.

On a related note, I'm trying to convince t to post to the Boobie-Thon. She'll claim shyness, but don't believe it. If we all show her some support, maybe she'll post.
Addicted to kisses on October 6th, 2003 7:32 am EST
It's strange to want to post stuff all the time. I have quite a bit of time before I have to wander off to work, so here goes.

t's kisses kisses drive me crazy. I love the way that she kisses me without knowing that she's driving me crazy. She has this one kiss in her arsenal that is completely disarming and gets me wanting to jump her more than anything.

She starts out by opening her mouth a little and half closing her eyes. She puffs out her lips and more often than not she usually has a little grin on her face because she knows what she's going to do to me. Her lips are very soft anyway - they're very large and kissable - but when she puffs them out, they're even more soft and delicious. Her mouth is soft and wet and her tongue explores my mouth slowly. It's all very sensual, slow and sexy and drives me crazy.

Of course, she claims her kisses are innocent and have no ulterior motive to them. Her kisses instantly make me horny and I need more and more of them. Usually we end up on the bed, couch or where ever we happen to be (storage locker).

Her mouth also feels great on my cock - all soft and wet and teasing. It's too bad she's already gone to work. I'll be thinking of that all day now.
Cottage sex and other stories from the Canadian wilderness on October 5th, 2003 10:22 pm EST
We didn't have a lot of wild crazy sex this weekend. t has been sick the last week and she hasn't really been in the mood for much play. I don't really have time to write much about it today. t's already asleep and I'm getting tired. We both have to work tomorrow.

Just one question first How can a girl who claims to be shy put on such a noisy show during sex and demand something in her ass? What could I do? I had to oblige the girl.
we're back on October 5th, 2003 8:238 pm EST
well we have returned from our cottage voyage!

the first thing we did once we got home was hop in the shower. the water out there is from a well that has sulfer deposits or something, all i know is it smells pretty ripe and we needed to just stand in our own shower for a while. plus being wet and naked together is always nice.

there's a naughty story from the cottage but i'll let j tell it. he'll make it raunchier than i would what with the shyness and all :)

well i must go, a jumping has been promised.
safe, greedy and hungry on October 3rd, 2003 7:43 pm EST
since i've been dropped off at work terribly early i figured i'd be naughty, ignore my work and do this instead!

i still can't believe we actually started this, it still makes me giggle. but at the same time it feels ok. we keep remembering past things that we could write about or one of us will say/do something goofy and we joke about blogging about it. so basically we'll have material for a while at least :)

j makes me feel safe and like wandering off in directions i never thought i'd go in. i've had other boyfriends, i've slept with other people but there have been many 'firsts' with him. i trust him and it we feel so right.

he's the first to make me greedy with sex. last night i was tired, but i liked the thought of making him feel good before i went to sleep. he was frisky and i wanted to help. so we started kissing and touching and then i get hungry for more. i wanted to come too. so i told him to lay down, i got on, had my way with him, took a few seconds to let the spasms calm down and then went crazy to make sure he had some spasms of his own.

*sigh* i was once so innocent :)
quickly on October 2nd, 2003 10:20 pm EST
So, apparently she wasn't so sleepy. We have to be up early, but we found a little time to have her ride me till she came with a loud moan. I'm sure we'll have more stories after the weekend.
inspired by a memory on October 2nd, 2003 9:45 pm EST
here goes . . .

so a few weeks ago i had to run out to my storage unit to pick up some things for work and we were going to drop some things off there. it's a little ways out of the city in the middle of nowhere because that was cheapest. the locker is in a building in a narrow concrete hallway. it's only 6 X 10 with a metal garage door kinda thingie that rolls up to get in. we went and dragged a bunch of stuff out into the hallway to organize and sort.

i have a dining room table in there with boxes piled under and above it. i was in there with my shoes off climbing on the table to get at thing. i got down and was leaning across the table to straighten boxes when j playfully came up behind me and put his hands on my hips and pushed agains my ass. i giggled, looked back and said "what are you doing?". he had that look in his eyes. he turned around and pulled the garage door closed with us in the locker. i started protesting about how there were cameras, what if someone else wandered into that particular building ssaturday afternoon in the middle of no where . . . blahbllahblah.

he pulled my shorts down and told me to get on the table. i did as i was asked, like a good girl. i was wet already, the spontaneous sex on the spot in a public place was very naughty. i opened my legs and he dropped his shorts, he was as excited as i was. with me on the table and him standing we had crazy frantic sex right there on the dining room table surounded by boxes. we came so fast and actually together for the first time. needless to say we spent the rest of the day in a rather goofy state. as well any mention of needing to go to the storage locker sends both of us into a fit of giggling.
i'm the girl! on October 2nd, 2003 8:29 pm EST
as strange as it is to say for someone who agreed to start a sex blog i'm pretty shy. i still haven't read the big paragraph j wrote. just the first few sentences made me giggle. whenever he makes reference to me giggling, it's true, i am.

so i've been sick still this week and not much has happened. last night we had to watch 'our stupid show' (aka paradise hotel). don't laugh! it was the exciting finale, with many 'twists' and i mean it wouldn't have been paradise hotel without a few surprizes. ok i'll stop being lame now.

we're going away for the weekend for some nice quiet cottage hanging out. i'm sure there will be more to come. i'll warm up to the idea and get in here as well. i'm sure j can inspire me properly :)
first post? first post! on October 1th, 2003 12:52 am EST
t stayed home yesterday because she wasn't feeling well. She went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and they told her that she was contagious for the next day or so. I was already a little sick. Nothing serious, just the sniffles, but I decided to take the day off as well. You can't be too careful. You don't want to spread germs around the office. That would definitly hurt productivity.

t wasn't feeling well that night and had been tossing and turning, so I woke up a little grumpy from being woken up every so often. I had a little work to do and so did t, so we did that for the first part of the morning.

I started feeling a little horny mid-morning since we hadn't done anything since the weekend, and even then she had been sick so we hadn't been too crazy. I was still horny an hour later, so I decided to be my smooth self and get some action. We usually shower together so I suggested we do that. I got undressed in the bedroom. I sllid the dresser drawer open to grab something and t peeked in and said "Oh, I thought you got into bed." I grinned and jumped into bed. She joined me and we talked a bit about the stuff we had to do that day. She reached down and pulled off her pajama bottoms and said "Alright - let's get in the shower". I leaned over and kissed her and reached between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet and she smiled and moaned as I moved my finger slowly around, spreading her lips. She grabbed my cock and started rubbing it. I got hard very quickly and needed to start fucking her. I positioned myself between her legs and she grabbed my cock and guided me inside. She was so wet and tight. I don't remember much after that. I do remember her coming and she almost screamed. There's an easy way to make her come. I move my hips so that the top of my cock is rubbing the top of her pussy very slowly. t usually responds very quickly to that. She starts moving her hips is sync with mine and groaning. She says she can feel her clit being rubbed as well as me inside her. I came a minute later. I wanted to pull out and see myself come, but it felt too good to be in such a warm yummy place.

Afterwards, we talked about sex and things we liked doing. We both were feeling much better. I wasn't as grumpy as I was when I got up. We started talking about bloggins and some of the sites that we read. So I said ahlf jokingly, "Do you wanna start a blog about us?" She said (to my surprise) "Sure!" then started giggling. She also said that she'd blog about the mushy stuff.

We got back pretty late from dinner with friends and I we both were having trouble sleeping so I decided to get up and leave her alone since she has to work tomorrow and I don't. As I was leaving the bedroom she yelled "Go start the blog!" then a few seconds later "How about calling it 'Naughty Secrets'?" She's sleeping now, but I'm still wide awake. I'm going to check out some of the other blogs and get some ideas for us tomorrow.
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