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New features on Jun 29th, 2004 8:35:08 am EST
It's finally going to happen. I'm going to start working on IB version 2. I need your help though.

What do you think is missing from this version of IB? What would you like to see more of? Less of? What features do you think are missing or unnecessary?

Post your features below and I'll add the best ones to my to do list. I have some ideas, but I'd like to hear yours so that I can make this the best site possible.


Trishymouse June 29th, 2004
A few more stock templates for beginners...

Trishymouse June 29th, 2004
I have a question...yesterday when using my username I finally could get my avatar image (which is 77 pixels by 80 pixels, and only 3K size) to post with my, it's not working again as you can see here...why?!)

Indecent June 29th, 2004
The avatar thing is a bug and one of the things I'll be working on in the next version.

Your template suggestion is a good one and it brings me to a different point. Does anyone have a template they'd like to submit as stock one? I'm a terrible designer, so anything you come up with would certainly be better than what I could do.

Beautifully Chaotic June 29th, 2004
I'm having the same problem, it's uploading fine but not showing anywhere at all.

ComeFlirtWithMeX June 29th, 2004
I'd love to be able to upload MP3s...I realize I'm probably the only one who puts music on their blog...and I'm grateful that I can include wavs...but sometimes converting MP3s to wavs lowers the quality of the sound and spoils the's probably my conversion program or my sound recorder,'s frustrating.

Brett June 29th, 2004
Archival, access to a second page of html to use for organizing things, batch uploading..

ComeFlirtWithMeX June 29th, 2004
Also, is it possible to have more font choices? (I don't want much do I? lol) Thank you, for asking for our opinions and suggestions :-)

johndominant June 29th, 2004
CFWM, you can change your now, by editing your template or by using font tags when writing your posts, but it would be nice to have an easier way.

I have a few basic designs that could be used as templates but they're all strictly HTML or XHTML and my first experience with converting one of those to a template was fairly agonizing. Subsequent ones should be easier, just a matter of finding time.

One of the things I'd like to see added is the ability to edit comments that I post, so that once I post it and see an awfurl spelling error, etc., I can go back and correct it. Possible?

johndominant June 29th, 2004
Ack! Perfect example of what I mean. I meant to misspell awful, but I didn't mean to leave out the word "font" when addressing ComeFlirtWithMe. *LOL*

Phoebe Phrodos June 29th, 2004
An option to get email notification (a la Live Journal) for reponses to posts would be very nice. I love reading comments on my blogs and this would make life SO much easier. Plus, it is a nice way to build community interaction.

Also is there anyway to get an RSS feed on the latest 10 posts? I hate missing a single one.

Also, if you need additional avatars (photo or toon), my alter ego would be happy to donate her services... just let me know if you'd like that and I will be delighted to send samples.

ComeFlirtWithMeX June 29th, 2004
Exactly JohnDominant! Easy is nicer....also I agree about the comments...not only would I like to be able to correct the errors, but also to go back and add something I've forgotten without having to post a new comment and taking up so much space.

watchnplay June 29th, 2004
I second the vote for email notification of comments. Also, an easier method of posting pictures would be nice. Blogger uses a piece of software called "Hello" that automatically sizes your picture, you write a caption to go with it and it posts it directly to your blog for you.

dirtyboy June 29th, 2004
A couple of requests from me:
1. the ability to edit comments - or to remove offending ones - would be much appreciated.
2. Maybe a way of accessing your own individual comments - sort of an individual stats page for your own blog - would be good.
3. Maybe the ability to edit the 'friends' page (at the moment, they're either there, or deleted).
And thanks for asking!

red June 29th, 2004
Archives archives archives, by class or maybe just by date....

Beautifully Chaotic June 29th, 2004
Sometimes after having written the post I forget to put a subject heading and I lose everything that had just been typed, would it be possible to have some kind of alert reminding us to put a title in rather than just deleting it all?

sexymagickdesires June 29th, 2004
1)templates I can help with...happy.gif
2)a wysiwyg type of editor would be great, then you could add different fonts, sizes, etc..
3)ability to edit comments
4)ability to backup

ComeFlirtWithMeX June 29th, 2004
Ok..I know I'm going to sound stupid...but what's a "wysiwyg"? sigh.

I like the way the the photos are now...I had hello...but I kept having problems putting the photo where I wanted it. Can both be used?

dirtyboy June 29th, 2004
Just as a brief aside - I've just noticed I've been listed on the front page as a favourite diary, along with some of the other more recent regulars - thankyou, and great big hugs x
Much appreciated!

Indecent June 29th, 2004

red - how do you want your archives arranged?
smd - what would you want to backup to? got any templates you'd like to share?
Phoebe - pics would be great! Can you email 'em to me? [email protected] Thanks!
dirtyboy - no prob happy.gif
johndom - love your site - wanna invent some templates for the site? happy.gif

Thanks everyone who's replied so far! Keep the suggestions coming! Have you seen anything on other sites that you really like?

red June 29th, 2004
I'd love to be able to categorise posts and archive them based on category (like on

t June 29th, 2004
spell check after you edit a blog and spell checking on comments happy.gif
for the wonderful typers out there like me!

Devon June 29th, 2004
Hi Indecent, I'm brand new here, just wanted say thanks for this great resource! Verry Cool happy.gif

And, if I may, I second dirtyboy's request for being able to edit or remove offending comments.


sexymagickdesires June 30th, 2004
I'd just like to be able to backup to my hard drive then I have the options of backing it up to CD or somewhere else.

I second the beautifully chaotic's suggestion about having an alert for "no heading" instead of deleting the whole post

as for templates, I can work on some this weekend

ComeFlirtWithMeX June 30th, 2004
Thank you, Indecent, for the link :-)

I agree with all these suggestions!

johndominant June 30th, 2004
Hey, Indecent.
Guess I'll add to my wishlist since we're all really unloading on you, but mostly to echo the suggestions of a few others. happy.gif
I agree with dirtyboy that it would be nice to be able to remove the comments of others from your blog (something really inappropriate, flaming, etc., or godforbid bad html code!).
And red's suggestion of at least having the option of archiving by user-defined category is great.
Email notification of comments would be cool, even cooler as an option rather than just all or nothing.
Also, up until this page we're on now appeared, I wasn't sure how to make contact re questions and comments like this. So, some kind of ubiquitous little "Support" link would be sweet.
Most of all, thanks for being sincerely interested in what we have to say.
As for templates, I'll try to get something together for you to look at by the weekend, even if just pure html samples.

I'm really glad you like my site. It will be a work-in-progress for quite a while I'm sure. But maybe if I work hard, keep my nose clean and eat all my vegetables I can be listed as a favorite when I grow up. grin.gif

tamara_teasdale June 30th, 2004
Archives! Way more templates! and er speelin checks on da commints!

HonkeyKong June 30th, 2004
I have a couple of suggestions...

1. An American-English dictionary in the spell checker would be nice. It's really irritating to spell check a post and be harassed about words like "color", "honor", "center" and "favorite".

2. Some kind of error-checking on HTML would be really nice. I don't know how many times I've forgot to close my quotes on a link, only to have the link spread across the post, and ultimately break the page. If you want to see a really bad example of page-breaking, try putting in a link like this: <a href=">Google</a>. After you make a post with a broken tag like that, and try editing it, the editing form breaks, and inserts all the page code after the text entry object into your edit form. It's really nasty, because the only way to fix it is tocopy all your text, delete the original post, and repost it.

3. The option to remove comments, or to block certain users from commenting would be nice, as well as e-mail notification on certain posts.

Other than those three things, and other users' suggestions, I'd say that it's pretty much perfect the way it is. grin.gif

johndominant July 01st, 2004
Wondering actually, in what kind of format would you like to have templates submitted??

Logical July 01st, 2004
It would be great to be able to post files to be available. Also, how about a monthly summary of all things happening on indecent?

ComeFlirtWithMeX July 01st, 2004
Out of curiosity, how would one go about posting an avi? :-)

trishymouse July 01st, 2004
Maybe offer an affiliates program of some sort. I don't know what you have in mind for revenue at some point, but if you do consider that in the future, you might want to offer an affiliates program to us so we can promote the site, and at the same time reap a wee bit of the profits...

Honkey Kong July 02nd, 2004
johndominant: I'm not 100% sure about this, but I believe that IB is based from Sevengraff's NewLife Blogger source code. If this is the case, it uses the Easy Template System. ETS templates are written in plain text format, and saved with the extension ".ETS". You can check out the ETS Sourceforge page for some examples on how it works and get the basic idea of how to create your own templates.

johndominant July 02nd, 2004
nbsp;(*in my best h@ck0r voice*)

K3wl!!! Thanks!

July 02nd, 2004
Indecent - I can't log in...when I try, it tells me "You have to be logged in to use this feature"

I am confused happy.gif


phoebephrodos July 02nd, 2004
Some sort of verification to prevent Spam blogs such as this one:

ComeFlirtWithMeX July 03rd, 2004
sigh...I can't log out to log back in so that my files will be uploaded...keeps telling me there is no user logged on and when I try to enter my name and password in the boxes provided it says "error"..something or other lol ...I was going to upload a new song...guess it's a good thing I didn't delete the one I've already used. :-)

Beautifully Chaotic July 07th, 2004
Serious suggestion...Ok, better late than never but it just came to me, is it possible to have a warning page before coming through to Indecents home page?

I just read Roger's bog and saw that a 16 year old had commented. A legal page before hand would probably be a good idea giving the readers peace of mind.

trishymouse July 07th, 2004
NOTE: Please don't take this wrong, but...

Warnings are useless unless you make each Indecent blog have a front page that requires age verification. No underage person will turn away because of just a warning. The current front page is vanilla enough but anyone reading it should know it's adult-oriented. As I said above, if they come directly into an Indecent blogger's page, having an additional warning on the front, or even on their own site, wouldn't keep people away. Indecent is providing us with a service. It's up to us as individuals to put up more if we feel we need it, not to the owner of Indecent.

johndominant July 07th, 2004
*nodding* Short of some kind of a javascript "confirmation" popup box (the kind where clicking YES to proceed is an action you understand the warning text, while clicking NO takes you to some vanilla site), having a reasonably easy-to-notice statement at or near the top of our pages is about the best we can do right now. I put one on mine in a high-contrast color as soon as I made version 1.0 of my own template.

red July 07th, 2004
When I was 16...and reading sex stuff on the net...warnings just confirmed for me that the site had good stuff on it...

johndominant July 08th, 2004
Quite true, but there have been cases where a prominent warning has saved some legal woes.

Beautifully Chaotic July 08th, 2004
I was thinking about a verification page Trishy and not an individual warning for each of us. I was thinking it would save everyone legal problems and give us all a better piece of mind. Then if the person comes through at least they have been warned before hand and we have tried.

Beautifully Chaotic July 08th, 2004

red July 09th, 2004
I'm still having the same log in problem, now it says I am logged in as red but when i click on 'control pannel' it says I must be logged in to use this feature. Upon trying to log says the same thing...scratch scratch Any thoughts?

exhibitt July 10th, 2004
Brand spankin new here, only thing I can see the blog lacks that is nice feature on others is an archive listing. Usually by month. This would help readers who may only be interested in someone's summer adventures jump straight to that part of there blog.

exhibitt July 12th, 2004
I would also like to see a way to make new pages using the template system. If you need some development help I am very skilled in PHP and MySQL. I have a few other ideas also, would love to share them with you. You can get ahold of me through if you like via email or yahoo messenger.

exhibitt July 12th, 2004
Forgot to add I know of a good free WYSIWYG editor for HTML forms. Not sure if you want me to post the link here or not.

luvs2show July 13th, 2004
I may be a bit late here, but the one thing I see missing from all bloggins software is the ability to simply upload an HTML file into your blogspace. Many wordprocessors now export as HTML so I can fancy up my text with Keynote (say) and export it as HTML. If I could then use the file upload to just have the system grab that file and put it in the editor (so I can preview how it looks here...) that would be perfect.

logical-nonsence July 15th, 2004
When you go to the user list it be more helpfull if we could just search for some one by alphbet. Example click on letter "T" TimberWolf and it give a list of all members that start with "T" Rather than that i think its pretty good the way it is.