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  1. How do I add picture to my Blog?
  2. What is a "Blog"?
  3. What is "BB Code"?
  4. How do I change my Template?

How do I add a picture to my Blog?
The first step to adding a picture to your blog is to upload the picture to the server. To do that, go to your Control Panel and click the 'Manage Files' button. Next, click the 'upload file' button. Click the button labeled 'Browse' to select the file you want to upload. Give the file a name in the 'Save As' text box, then click 'Upload'. Once that is finished you can now add a picture to your blog.

Create a new blog by clicking on 'New Blog' in the navigation menu. In the 'Body' section of your blog, you can now add the picture you just uploaded. type [img]/files/<username>/<file filename>[/img], but replace <username> with your username and <filename> with the name of the file you just uploaded. For example, if your username was indecentblogging and the filename was somepicture.jpg, you would type [img]/files/indecentblogging/somepicture.jpg[/img].

You would then click on 'Preview' and your image would now be in your blog!

What is a "Blog"?
Blog is what you get when you combine the words "Web" and "Log". A Blog is a journal, or diary, kept on-line for other people to look at. The NewLife Blogging system allows for anyone to keep their own blog, and thus create a community around it.
If you don't want people to read some of your published blogs, then you can select the option "This blog is private" when posting, and only you will be able to read it.

What is "BB Code"?
BB stands for "Bulletin Board". BB Code was first created in February 1998, and was used in the forum software UBB v3.0. It allows people who don't know about HTML to still manipulate the way their text will look on the web. The following table should explain how to use BB Code.

Code Example Output and Explanation
[b]Text[/b] Output: Text
The [b] tag makes text bold
[I]Text[/I] Output: Text
The [I] tag makes text italic
[u]Text[/u] Output: Text
The [u] tag makes text underline
  • One
  • Two

The [list] defines the outside of a list, and the [*] tag specifies a listed item.
[quote]I have a dream. . .[/quote] Output:
I have a dream. . .

The [quote] tag is used when you are quoting someone, or maybe text from another website or blog.
[url=]Yahoo![/url] [url][/url] Output:
The [url] tag is used to create links to other webpages. It can be used to link with just a URL, or it can link a url and give text also.
[img][/img] Output:
You can show an image using the [img] tag.
[font=arial]Text Text Text[/font] Output: Text Text Text
You can define a specific font using the [font] tag.
[color=red]Red[/color] and [color=#0000ff]blue[/color] Output: Red and blue
Using either the name of a color, or an RGB HEX code, you can change the color of some text.
[size=1]size1[/size] [size=2]size2[/size] [size=3]size3[/size] Output:

The [size] tag can change the size of text.

How can I change my template?
In your Control Panel, click on "Edit Template." It will let you directly manipulate your template file. For information on how the template engine works, and advanced tips & tricks, see template help page.