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quite a while since lovins! on May 1st, 2004 8:36:23 pm EST
It's been quite a few days since we've played. Almost a week! What a crappy week sad.gif

I'd like to jump T's bones, but we're both just too tired from baseball and a late night last night. T looks like she's gonna fall over any second. Guess we'll have to wait 'till tomorrow happy.gif
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the end is near! on Apr 27th, 2004 9:14:57 pm EST
so we've told our landlord, who charges us waaaaay too much for this measly tiny place we live in, that we will be leaving at the end of july. he said he's going to start showing the place in june then.

guess it's a good thing he's not showing it now, what with the butt plug on the edge of the bathroom sink and all. we're going to have to be more toy conscious! . . . or we could just leave it and laugh while we're at work over how he might be handling it *giggle*
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the power of kisses on Apr 27th, 2004 10:22:06 am EST
Sometimes I really am too tired for lovin's. Last night I would have been content to roll over and fall asleep. We spent an hour reading before deciding it was sleep time. I gave T a kiss and rolled onto my side.

"Why aren't you kissing me more?", she piped up.

I rolled over and she did the thing with her leg where she wraps it around my naked body. It works out so that I'm right between her legs. Then, to make it worse, she gave me lots of those kisses that involve lip nibbling, tongue flicks and gropes.

I'm a weak, weak man. How can I resist all that? I was hard and my cock was rubbing against her pussy. T flipped over and I moved behind her, our bodies fitting together. My cock again was rubbing against her pussy.

She looked back at me "Oh, did you want to have sex?"

Uh, yeah, glad you noticed. happy.gif

Two seconds later, she was on her back, I was on top of her thrusting into her soaked pussy. We flipped over and she rode me for a while with the bunny between us.

The end result was that I owe her one less orgasm. She had a small little orgasm about the same time I came, then she said that the bunny still felt good against her clit, so I told her to keep going, she mumbled something in protest, but I think it was just for show. Then she had a much larger orgasm that made her squish me between her legs.

We lost about 30 minutes of sleep, but I was willing to put up with the dozy feeling I have today.
a good night's sleep on Apr 26th, 2004 8:44:56 pm EST
j says he slept really well last night, doesn't even think he woke up once. wonder if me riding him with the butt plug inside my ass and ignoring my fantastic orgasm to keep thrusting into him until he came had anything to do with it? *shrug*
fixing my hair on Apr 25th, 2004 8:09:18 pm EST
well yesterday i had to dye my hair, again, to even it all out. the 'streaking' that was supposed to happen with what we used earlier in the week didn't quite turn out. with the raunchy sex that passed the setting in time and me putting my head down on a towel, then moving it back and forth as we thrusted. so the top of my head just turned entirely red vs highlights. people at work were either saying, 'oh it looks like you missed some' or the lovely and non committal statement, 'you died your hair' (i'm still not sure about that one other than thank you mr obvious).

so i am now a nice, overall dark auburn/reddish brown head. suitable for jumping and using for other naughty pleasures *hinthint j* wink.gif
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