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naughtysecrets's Profile

Number of public blogs:


Date Registered:
December 8th, 2003

happy couple

Strangest place I've fooled around:
together? a storage locker

Top 10 things about me:
and or us :)
1 - t laughs and giggles a whole lot
2 - we have a few cats
3 - we slept together the first night we met
4 - we both relocated to be together
5 - we're engaged
6 - j is an awesome cook
7 - we're geeky
8 - we read a lot
9 - we're canadian! woohoo!
10 - we have yummy fun sex whole bunches and like to be naughty and share the stories

What turns me on:
each other, sex blogs
j - porn, mention of porn, alluding to porn, kisses from t
t - kisses from j, j being turned on

I can't believe I...
t - went on line to meet someone and lucked out so much :)

My hottest fantasy:
j wants a threesome :P t's not going there yet :)

My description:
hot :P
t's the girl, 28, cute and adorable
j's the guy, 27 *gasp*, and hey cute and adorable too!

read us! and come back and read us again!

oh and tell your friends.

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