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hypothosis proven! on Jul 8th, 2004 9:09:07 pm EST
after saying i was too tired and just wanted to go to sleep, we got a bit goofy and were picking on each other in a good natured kinda while lying in the dark in bed. i don't remember what i said but i insulted j with some silly statement and proceeded to break into maniacal giggles. he then of course prepared to unleash the necessary punishment . . . tickles, and jumped up to administer them. i resisted by curling up into a ball while on my back, he was at the bottom of my body, my legs were up, we were naked . . .

so uh, he's happier now happy.gif
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meh on Jul 7th, 2004 10:13:04 pm EST
so not much going on here really. i'm kinda off for the summer but working a little 3 week job until july 23rd, so i'm out all day. it's not stressful at all, so i've been coming home with energy and not really tired. somehow though, i've been sleeping crummy, tossing and turning and keeping j up. so he's been grumpy, i've been something, we're just generally touchy and there's been bickering in place of hot lovin's.

i really should start graphing this stuff because maybe there's a pattern. and call me crazy but it seems if we go a few days with no nookie, j seems crabby and more touchy. might just be coincidence but i dunno . . .

guess i could ravage him and see if it ends. happy.gif
read it now, it may be gone soon on Jul 5th, 2004 10:31:36 pm EST
so the other day, friday actually, at about 10am i called j at work while i was waiting for my cousin to show up. we were then going to visit her sister about 1 1/2 away so i wouldn't see j till late in the night.

he was at work and bored, as he usually is. i think i was mid sentence, suddenly he interrupts me and says, "i'm so horny!". the holiday here was thursday, many people had elected to take friday off too, he figured he'd go in when there was minimal people around and get paid to goof off! so i jokingly say "take care of it. like anyone will notice". turns out he debated it till about 2 in the afternoon and then gave in. apparently it started with the thought, "i'll just rub it a bit" hoping it would go away i guess. from what i know that just makes it worse, but hey i don't have one so who knows wink.gif
nibbled . . . by mosquitos! on Jul 4th, 2004 10:26:34 am EST
so last night i was lead by the hand out to the backyard. we have a yard on one side of the house that's for us to use, but we wandered over to our landlord's side *gasp* if only they knew!

we tried their table but the height was all wrong. we moved to the ground, with the blanket we had brought outside and laid down. it was pretty hard and not so nice on my back. it was all dark except for the light from the people behind us, they had these flood lights in their backyard and it was shining beams of light through the fence. had they been awake and peeked out their windows i'm sure they would have saw us. when you're naked outside it's amazing how the tiniest bit of light just lights up your skin!

so to avoid back pain i got up and on hands and knees j pushed back into me, it was very nice. he reached forward and started to rub my clit and i instantly wished we had brought out the bunny. but hey doing it outside in the backyard was enough i guess, we didn't need to lug out sex toys too!

we played for a while in various positions but there were bugs and it was a bit uncomfortable so we decided to move the activities back indoors. j threw on his clothes, i put my jammie top on and decided to just carry my pants. so in slippers and a top i walked out and around the front of the house to our yard and in our door. it was after midnight but pretty well lit, someone could have seen if they drove by or peeked out.

we're moving in a few weeks to a house out in the middle of nowhere. we'll be able to walk around naked and no one will see so i'm sure they'll be much outdoor playing! not to mention all those rooms that will need christening!! wink.gif
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the nap on Jul 3rd, 2004 6:33:08 pm EST
We just got back from lunch and I was feeling really dopey. I had to lay down. I guess I didn't have enough sleep last night. I lay down just to rest my eyes.

I woke up about an hour later with T looking in at me. She had the camera and said that I was curled up with her cat and looked all cute. I got her to come over and lay with me.

We kissed for a minute, then she yawned, "You're making me sleepy too!"

The time to act was now!

I already had a huge hard on. It was pushing against the fabric of my pants. I could feel it aching and it needed to be out. I took off my pants, then slid off hers and pulled off her thong.

"Aren't you lucky? You get woken up from your nap and you get nookie, then you'll probably have another nap later."

Yup - I'm lucky.

I played for a while. I was over and under her. I licked her pussy, fingered it and her ass. I was very lucky.

We came almost at the same time. I was buried deep inside her pussy. She was totally wet from the licking. We collapsed in a heap and we were both asleep in a minute or two.

She's still sleeping - I only woke up a minute or two ago.

Our landlords are still away, so we're going to sneak out once it's dark and have some fun on their picnic table. Details to come.
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